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[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Apollo Brown – Still Standin’ Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


We used to play out in the rain….

(Intro: Rasheed Chappel)
Yeah, it’s my life
It’s my story, I put it to song
They want the bright lights, but these are dark shadows

(Verse 1: cord kord chord Apollo Brown – Still Standin’ Lyrics kunci gitar Rasheed Chappel)
It started in Dane’s basement, spittin’ my little rhymes
And niggas laughed at me, and niggas clowned on me
In due time, they gon’ put the crown on me
Give you the early years, call it my right to passage
It defined my purpose, refined my passion
My life’s work, written in every word
Every sentence bears resemblance, to every curb
That I stood and watched, and engaged in cyphers
Then was off to work, my baby needed diapers
Was seventeen, carried the world’s weight
I got a second coming, another court date
And my mother’s sitting, behind a prison wall
My pop’s high, and he no help at all
I was the breadwinner, I had to make a way
And them niggas that laughed, I’ma make them pay
And now the world ‘gon hear, what I have to say

(Hook: Rasheed Chappel) {x4}
I’m still standin’ here (Still standin’, still standin’)
By myself

(Verse 2: Rasheed Chappel)
And all I wanted was love and recognition
My picture in Record City and niggas saying we did it
Nigas saying we made it, my nigga congratulations
But fuck it, I never got it, my home never forgotten
Live, write and record it, on stage vivid performance
Crowds, cheering applauding, on cell phones recording
I took the pain and put it inside the lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Apollo Brown – Still Standin’ Lyrics download mp3 music
The music was therapeutic, I’m just airing my heart
I took the burden, I went the furthest, I bear the scar
But scrutinized and crucified to give you art
I just think it and ink it and as I jot it down
I get to thinking, it sinks in, I made it out
Instead of broke, it was moulded, I became a king
Instead of folding was chosen, I bear the wings
To take flight and spread life, my chords Apollo Brown – Still Standin’ Lyrics lyrics name rings
Was given nothing but I give you my everything


(Outro: Rasheed Chappel)
Apollo Brown, Rasheed Chappel
Still standin’


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