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[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Apollo Brown & Ras Kass - Please Don’t Let Me lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


{“I’m just a soul whose intentions are gooood
Oh Lord, please don’t let me-please don’t let me-please don’t let me-}
Nobody’s perfect

{“Please don’t let me”} – die before repenting my sin
{“Please don’t let me”} – drink and drive ever again
{“Please don’t let me”} – ever smoke meth or crack
{“Please don’t let me”} – get HIV with no get back
{“Please don’t let me”} Don’t let me fail
{“Please don’t let me”} – ever spend another second in jail
{“Please don’t let me”} cord kord chord Apollo Brown & Ras Kass - Please Don’t Let Me lyrics kunci gitar – come lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Apollo Brown & Ras Kass - Please Don’t Let Me lyrics download mp3 this far to fall off
Please don’t let me fuck mine off

[Ras Kass]
I got vices I like, like vodka on the rocks
Catch me at some Grammy party next to Jamie Foxx
I’m not, marriage material, more like Heff
I got, knowledge of self, I’m sorta Mos Def
Except, I’m a slut for a pretty-faced bitch
Youngin used to say I got a lust demon trick (hahaha!)
Consequences every lifestyle you’re living
Some rappers got herpes – the gift that keeps on giving
…Even worse than that
I chords Apollo Brown & Ras Kass - Please Don’t Let Me lyrics lyrics seen people go too far and can’t come back
Straight guys tricked by transvestites, sick
Be careful who you let suck on your dick!
…That bitch might be a boy!
I be friskin hoes in the club, I’m paranoid
I don’t exercise and that’s bad with black folks
Hypertension, heart disease, heart attacks, strokes


[Ras Kass]
All my ex-girls say I’m selfish
..Shit~! We in a recession – I need help, bitch!
Rent too damn high – I need help, bitch!
Pour the Doc, no pork, but I eat shellfish
…And I ain’t looking for beef
But bitch niggaz get money, and think shit is sweet
I ain’t taking no Ls’, we keepin it street
Both sides pack heat, let the Grim Reaper reap
..And as far as rap concerned
I don’t feel like talking, homie, I’m taciturn
Industry blackball wouldn’t give Ras a turn
But I’m the best nigga rappin, write classic burns
And y’all dickride rappers who don’t even write they own raps
..What kind of rapper is that??
Multi-talented, overcame my challenges
Don’t bring me here just to die like Richie Valens did


No, heh… Apollo Brown
What up, my nigga?
I ain’t even gonna lie, bro
I’m sometimes my own worst enemy
MOST times my own worst enemy

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